The Story


CLICLOC is a British brand designing and delivering state of the art, technically advanced wristwear. Founded in London in 2011, CLICLOC has built up a strong following among those who seek pioneering design and innovative customisable fashion but have not had their retrofuturistic visions delivered by any other watch or accessories brand.



It all started in the 1980's, thanks to the books we've read, films we've seen and the music we've listened to while growing up. Films like Tron, Star Wars, Star Trek and Buck Rogers, various comic books, early electronic music and the advent of computer games all helped inform our view.  We had a vision of a bright, colourful future. Of wireless technology, hover cars, self tying shoes, robot helpers and augmented reality. We dreamed of the beautiful futuristic reality to come. The life enhancing functionality combined with amazing, beautiful design. The lines and colours of the future. We were sure this was coming.

Then there we were. It was the year 2010 - the Future. The amazing technology we’d been waiting for with all that anticipation was here. Smartphones, 3D printers and the Internet! But there was something missing. We're among many who noticed. The beauty was not there. Not how we expected. What happened to the light and colour? To the art in technology?

What happened to the retrofuture?


We've searched and found nothing to suit our needs. Everything seemed uniform, dark, mundane. We were never supposed to adapt to the technology, the technology was supposed to adapt to us! This was not the future we were waiting for. We all deserve to see the dreams we had come true. We wanted it all and that's how we decided to change it. To make technology as amazing on the outside as it is on the inside. To give you the choice we've never had. To let you express yourself without compromise and create. You are the real hero of this story.

We use advanced materials, science and technology, raw creativity and flair, constant research and experimentation to make this happen. Just like in the sci-fi films, comic books and stories of our youth, we want to make the dreams come true.

Now, in 2013 we make amazing and transmutable bracelets and straps for our range of unique and quality timepieces. We will constantly be looking to push the boundary of what it means to wear a watch, smartwatch or other piece of wearable tech.

We make mundane amazing.

We make immutable transmutable.

We bring you the retrofutureNOW!